Repair & Maintenance

We completely understand the importance of your assets, along with your investment and trust, you have placed onto our technology and design.

AWAS is fully aware of importance of R&O activities and therefore has got repair capabilities of some of the critical parts, to restore it for scheduled action and better performance, so to keep your business continuity.

We have a well-equipped state of the art repair workshop lead by qualified and certified technical staff to carryout planned inspections and overhaul components, to maintaining your aircraft, as per OEM standards with required certifications.

Beside repairing/OH components like MGB, IGB, TGB, MRB, TRB, just to name a few, we have quick turnaround time for our inhouse capabilities, i.e. Rotating Scissors Assembly, Main Rotor Hub, Pitch Control Lever Assembly, Flange Assy Scissor Attachment, Main Rotor Fixed Swash Plate Assembly, Fire Extinguishers.

While maintenance and inspection activities could involve;

Cleaning leak check for pitot & Static system Inspection of power plant & exhaust Fire detection Extinguishing system Rotor Drive system Fuel system Hydraulic systems & Landing Gear Inspection of Gearbox and Engines

In addition we can also perform Structural repairs and Restoration of flight conditions due to long inactivity and lack of preservation.

We are proud to announce the provision of GCAA approved specialized repairs and services. However, we are not restricted to it, having integrated UAE business and partnerships, we are able to offer beyond.

Please refer our certification section to know more about our extended services capacity.